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Dear Friend,

One of the things lost in the land of Tumblr is the sense of community. I think it is a particularly appealing setting for most people. You get the sense that you can hop into any conversation, partake in whatever is going on. But you begin to see that the model is inherently disconnected. Rather than having spaces with unique and individual personalities, you have one dashboard. There's no room for a particular social convention. Many people have started asking that certain types of people NOT reblog something from them, which is all well and good until someone reblogs without that request in the tags. And boom - that post is out there for anyone. Things that feel relatively safe and private are in fact merely undiscovered.

I do like the idea that people ought to respect what other people ask for. It's a benefit to everyone if we can have kind and good people rather than relying on technological solutions. I love that people feel entitled to respect.

I just miss communities and the gathering space they created. I miss threaded discussions. A tag group just isn't the same.