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Over Cities Flowers Will Grow ([personal profile] overcitiesflowerswillgrow) wrote2015-06-12 10:12 am
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Starting Again

Dear friend,

I've gone back to writing long form on the internet. It's been at least four years since I regularly kept anything up. Maybe five? I've always been most successful as a corespondent, but I have no one to write at the moment. Happily, this means that all my loves are close at hand. Well, at least somewhat. I will admit that I'm actively trying not to write one particularly wonderful woman too much. However, my insatiable urge to write her has led me to realize that mostly I just miss writing. Given the slightest opportunity, all I want to do is write. And I want to write honestly about myself. That's why I've left behind the old locations. They're tied too personally and closely to my identity. I want to live in the light, but I'd like to be more comfortable with myself before exposing that person to the greater world.